Beyond the diagram

Beyond the diagram

We not only systematize processes, we delegate them to AI

Creative innovation

Creative innovation

We apply unconventional technology to the problems of the future

What are we doing?

Creating with code inovative solutions using Artificial Intelligence

The world through the camera

The world through the camera

Audiovisual recognition in real time.

Documentation and language

Documentation and language

Connecting the world without speech limits.

Model: Artificial Intelligence

Model: Artificial Intelligence

Multiple AI Models for multiples Solutions

One AI, diferent estrategies

One AI, diferent estrategies

Memory and learning that evolves in each interaction

We specialize with the best tools

Research Areas

We have NO Limits

Our work team is specifically selected for each research topic.

  • Environments

    Spaces adapted for an immersive experience. See beyond the code.

  • Chatbots

    Conversational assistants with artificial intelligence.

  • Decentralized finance

    Self-sustaining models with Blockchain technology.

  • Tailored education

    Interactive solutions to address any learning disability.

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Hot Mentor

We designed Hot Mentor as a model’s communication capabilities enhancer through artificial intelligence. It helps to improve user retention by extending conversations vividly enabling the creation of long term interpersonal relationships, making it easier for them to interact with multiple users at the same time while maintaining the thread with each user.


App Design







Hot Mentor instructs and leads the model to know how to capture the user, keeping him entertained by talking to her and consuming. It achieves this thanks to its particularity of generating various relevant topics, which attract the attention of the public.

VR +


Natuverse is a metaverse inspired by nature that through virtual reality provides an immersive experience through exciting activities that allow stress relief by stimulating the senses to generate relaxation, relief and satisfaction to your mind and body. Here you can find different spaces inspired by the best landscapes of reality, these virtual habitats have different environments, sizes, activities to do, themes and appearance. You will be able to interact in multiplayer and invite the people closest to you.

This is a project called nature building simulator where you are the only survivor and you have the opportunity to create nature at will 💚💚💚💚🌲🌲🌲

#nature #forest #indievideogames #videogame #videogamesimulation #tree #lake #videogamer #gamer

🍃Natuverse is inspired by being able to bring the experience of being with nature to your comfort zone, like sharing with wild animals.🦌 ...

🏞🌌Natuverse, will have several types of environments that vary by climate and setting🏔🌅 ...

👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻We have already started the construction of our activities, one of them is to be able to climb.🧗🏻‍♂️

Coming soon..🤩

💭Thinking about the best for our users, we have created several types of interaction where you will have the opportunity to freely interact and perform different activities.🤩


360° view of our forest environment🌳🌿

Coming soon..🤩

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Our Team

Get To Know Us

Carlos Jaimes


Software Engineer Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga. Scrum Master - G&D Proyectos. Project Manager - Scrum Academy. Systems engineer Consulting. Python expert for data analysis. Video games Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga.

Daniel Galan


Market Engineer Universidad autónoma de Bucaramanga 12 years of experience in the webCam industry of which 4 have been as an amateur, in public pages and 8 in private pages as a professional. Winner of 2 awards in ynot as best studio in latin america, one in 2021 and the other in 2022. Winner of the award for best studio in latin america in 2022 given by lalexpo. Winner of the award for best studio in 2022 granted by IMLIVE.

Ariel Díaz Ortíz

Python Advanced Developing Machine Learning

Spring 2020 Data Science for AII (DS4A), Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of Colombia and Correlation One Web Development Pompeu Fabra University, 1st year PhD Information and Communication Technologies (2021 - present) University of La Salle, Ramon Llull, Master in Multimedia Creation and Serious Games (2014 - 2015) Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Undergraduate Degree in Systems Engineering (2006 - 2012)

Luis Jaimes

Managing Director

Specialist in Project Management , University of Valencia Valencia, Spain, 2011. International Certification in Project Management_PMI. Project Management Profesional – PMP USA 2013. Elements Of Artificial Intelligence Helsinki University. Machine Learning Stanford University. Building Artificial Intelligence Helsinki University. Blockchain Basis, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications(Dapps), Blockchain Platforms Buffalo University.

Julio León

Developer / WEB3.0 - Solidity Programmer

Conversational AI (Chatbots) and NLP using Javascript. Python Master Programmer. Web Development PHP, MVC, OOP and MySQL. Developer at DevsTech. External Consultant of the Mayor's Office of Rionegro, Santander. Systems Engineer from the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga.

Cristian Velasco

Creative Web Developer

React & TypeScript Chrome Extension Development [2022] Socket.IO NodeJs. Learn Websockets creating chat Web Development PHP, JQuery, MySQL. Frontend application UX/UI designer Web3.0 and Dapps programming specialist. Developer, implementer and clarifier.

Andres Sanchez

Graphic designer

Graphic Designer Adobe Illustrator Expert Adobe Photoshop Expert Adobe InDesign Expert

María Pedraza

Creative Director

International Advertising, UniversitySergio Arboleda - Bogota D.C. Specialization in Digital Communication and Interactive Media (Virtual), Autonomous University of Bucaramanga. Workshop on Strategic Advertising Planning, Sergio Arboleda University - Madrid, Spain. Diploma in Branded Content, Nogma, School of Creativity - Bogota, Colombia. Diploma in Creative Content, Nogma, School of Creativity - Bogotá, Colombia. Expert skills in Illustrator and photoshop tools.

Jhon Moya

3D Artist

SEO and CRO analyst Web Developer WordPress Archviz designer (Architectural Visualization) Artist 3d (NFTS)

Sebastian Arismendi

Professional in mechanical engineering Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana . Work experience in business process optimization for 4 years . Work experience in customer service for 2 year Professional Translator with B2 English level A1 French level

Lizeth Guerra

Business Administrator Profesional(Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga) Managerial skills and digital marketing. Project coordinator

Maksimilijan Petri

Global marketing specialist Hubspot Academy for Marketing Neuromarketer

I'm an overall marketing strategist, with knowledge in branding, positioning, Essential neuromarketing , Big and small data research , Complete marketing strategizing , Online ad campaigns , Building strong brand psychological positioning , General sales funnel optimization , Culture decoding expert.

Fabian Rincón

Web Designer & Discord Admin

Modern Computer Vision PyTorch, Tensorflow2 Keras & OpenCV4 Programming 2D Web games in HTML5 JavaScript with Phaser Technological divulgation event IV student's salon - SENA Discord Expert

Maria Camila Muñoz

Investment Law

Junior Attorney in Muñoz Serpa Abogados Law Firm with emphasis on Business Law, International Trade and International Investment Law. Legal Intern in Ariza & Gomez Abogados. Participant in Foreign Direct Investment - International Arbitration Moot (FDI) as Universidad Externado de Colombia representative, 2017.

Our Implementations

Our featured projects


Autonomous emergency braking system

SFEA (Autonomous Emergency Braking System), is a braking system that helps to avoid automobile accidents in large margins,
This is done with the help of Artificial Intelligence, which through lidar sensors and mathematical calculations, interacts with space and environment. so that through the results the Artificial Intelligence is able to detect different objects such as vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles, as well as people or some object that generates a possible accident and in this way act in autonomous braking.


EDUCA Education Platform

EDUCA is a controlled and guided platform through Artificial Intelligence, which consists of detecting and improving retention and avoiding dispersion with students with disabilities, who through the analysis of the eyes guided by cameras, or the number of clicks that the student carried out for a certain time, the loss of attention is established and generates alerts of this situation to the student or guide, so that in this way The student is always focused and the retention of attention in the activities is improved.


Our Clients Said

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John Doe


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Christin Jerre
Christin Jerre